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Seven Months Old! May 23, 2008

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Jackson is such a joy!  He started to crawl last month and is getting around very quickly.  Jake and I are amazed at how fast he is growing and how he is discovering new things all the time.  He is Mr. Personality and he is keeping us on our toes!!!



Mother’s Day

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After losing my mom six years ago, Mother’s Day has been a difficult time of year.  I was blessed to have a mom who was a Godly example and who sacrificed everything for her family.  This year I was able to celebrate in a different way than ever before!  Not only am I a mom now, but thanks to my mom, one who knows the importance of setting a Godly example as a mother.

Jake and Jackson took me to a beautiful park in Brea for a picnic lunch for Mother’s Day.  We had a great time just relaxing and spending time together.



Beach Day! April 21, 2008

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Growing up in San Diego spoiled me.  I lived thirty minutes from the beach and was able to go quite often.  I love the beach and have many great memories of it as a child.  I was so excited for the warm weather we had  last week so off to the beach we went as a family.  I was so excited to take Jackson for the first time and let him fall in love with all the beach has to offer.  It was still a little too cold but we still had a great day playing together.  








Jackson is Five Months Old!!! March 26, 2008

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My little boy is growing up right before my eyes.  He is already doing so many things and I love just watching him learn new things daily!  One of his favorite new things is eating rice cereal.  There is no way to keep this boy clean while eating!! rice-cereal-_1.jpg rice-cereal-_2.jpg 


Jackson’s Baby Dedication!

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feb-24-_2.jpg feb-24-_3.jpg  feb.jpg 


Precious Moments

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I have gotten a lot of slack lately for not keeping up with my blog.  I guess I have just been a little too busy doing this …feb-8-08.jpg  


Jackson And Cyrus January 23, 2008

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Lori-Lynn and I decided to take some pictures of the boys before they left for New York. We had them fed, cleaned and changed thinking we could get some great shots.  Out of all the ones we took this one came out the best.  It was one of the last pictures we took before we called it a day!  Maybe their attention span just isn’t there yet!!jackson-cyrus.jpg