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Jackson’s First Haircut! July 2, 2008

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In order to get Jackson to sit still we used the best and oldest parent trick in the book, bribery. Thank goodness the hair salon had little suckers for active little boys!  Jake and I broke our no candy rule but at least we finished the haircut with both ears still attached!!! 

Before the haircut.

After the haircut!


Swimming Lessons

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A friend and I enrolled our little ones into swimming lessons last month.  We probably missed more then we attended but Jackson had a blast!  Jake and I both went in the water with him and discovered that he loves the pool!  He let us dunk him under several times each lesson and didn’t want to get out when our half hour session was over.  Hopefully I will have him comfortable with the water and swimming in a few years! 

So someone was a little tired after swim lessons!