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A Tribute to Daddy June 13, 2008

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Jake is not only an amazing husband but also an amazing daddy!!!  He is always putting us first and thinking of himself last.  Jackson and I wanted to get him a great gift but since he never asks for anything we had to get creative.  We took a trip to the beach with Aunt Jenny and the cousins in hopes to get a great picture for him.  Jackson wanted to eat handfuls of the sand so we had to work quickly to get a decent picture.  Jackson had so much fun with his cousins and of course getting dirty for daddy was a blast as well.

Thank you, Jake, for being our spiritual leader, provider, protector, and more than we could ever express in words!  


3 Responses to “A Tribute to Daddy”

  1. Kathie Says:

    That is the sweetest thing! A pix to treasure. Very creative! Happy Father’s Day!

  2. camommy2kj Says:

    Happy Father’s Day! What great pics! 🙂

  3. runningamuck Says:

    I got my pathetic ones up on my blog too. It goes without saying that I didn’t use them for Father’s Day. =0) But yours are great!

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