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A Relaxing Father’s Day! June 24, 2008

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We had a great day celebrating Jake Father’s Day.  After a gourmet breakfast at the Avila Inn, we went to church to worship our Heavenly Father.  Then we went to have a huge lunch at Jake’s grandparents.  Jackson had a blast dipping in the pool and then sucking on a BBQ rib bone.    Then we finished the evening off with another great meal at Grandpa Chuck’s house.  Jackson is blessed to have several great men in his life to celebrate with on Father’s Day!



A Tribute to Daddy June 13, 2008

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Jake is not only an amazing husband but also an amazing daddy!!!  He is always putting us first and thinking of himself last.  Jackson and I wanted to get him a great gift but since he never asks for anything we had to get creative.  We took a trip to the beach with Aunt Jenny and the cousins in hopes to get a great picture for him.  Jackson wanted to eat handfuls of the sand so we had to work quickly to get a decent picture.  Jackson had so much fun with his cousins and of course getting dirty for daddy was a blast as well.

Thank you, Jake, for being our spiritual leader, provider, protector, and more than we could ever express in words!