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Three Months Old January 23, 2008

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Jackson is growing like crazy!!! He is now fifteen pounds and over 25 inches long.  He is talking all the time and is proving himself to be very social.  If Jake and I are talking somewhere in the house he wants to be in on the conversation and will make noises until we pick him up and sit him with us.  Then he smiles and in his cute little way tells us to continue talking so he can join in.  Jake and I are loving being parents and are excited to have a new addition to our family!3-months-_1.jpg 3-months-old-_3.jpg 3-months-old-_2.jpg daddy-jackson.jpg Jackson and Daddyjackson-mommy.jpgJackson and Mommy 


4 Responses to “Three Months Old”

  1. Renee Garcia Says:

    Sorry Keeghan hit “submit”! I was going to add, I think it’s just the age!

  2. Renee Garcia Says:

    LOL and THAT comment was supposed to go under the post about Jackson and Cyrus! Sorry! I should learn not to type with a baby on my lap!

    Anyway, here’s the response for THIS post! Jackson is SO cute!!! I love his hair! 🙂

  3. Jenny W Says:

    Where’s the spoon?! His favorite aunt is getting ready to eat him up he’s so darn cute!

  4. momwild Says:

    Hello! I found your blog thru Daniel Balboa. I absolutely love all the pictures you are taking of Jackson. What a good mommy. You are looking amazing. Love you! – Kristen

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