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Merry Christmas December 21, 2007

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Our Christmas family photo was a little harder to take this year. Jackson got tired after the first picture and all we got from there was blank stares. Here is one of the first pictures we took.
From then on it was a pretty much just a stare. No smiles but oh well. Maybe next year!
We wish everyone a Merry Christmas. May your days of continued celebration of Christ’s birth be a testimony to all. We have the best gift of all to be thankful for and celebrate on Christmas and every day of the year!


Amazing Friends

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Our friends from North Carolina stayed with us on their way to Hawaii. Katie and I worked and lived together when I was a missionary in Hawaii ten years ago. We have stayed close over the years and where excited for our husbands to meet for the first time. Tim is finishing his last year at seminary and we are praying for a church for them somewhere on the west coast. California would be nice!


Best Friends

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Lori-Lynn and I had a fun time trying to get Jackson and Cyrus to notice each other. We put them on their tummys and backs in hope that they would see each other and get excited. Instead they were smacking each other in the face! How cute are they!!


Jackson is Six Weeks Old! December 4, 2007

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I finished feeding Jackson and when I took the bottle away from his face he gave me a huge smile with milk all over his chin. I happened to have a camera close by and for the first time I got his picture while he was smiling.
I then went to wipe his face and got the tongue! At this age it’s cute!!


Thanksgiving Day December 1, 2007

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I am thankful for…
a God that loves me and that He is worthy of all praise,
a family to love and a family that loves me,
friends that we can be real with and for their accountability,
a church family to worship with and
for a healthy family.
My sister Lydia and her youngest baby Hadi.
Jackson and his cousin Hadi. Jackson is probably wondering what is up with his cousin. That’s just girls buddy!
Ok, now he is feeling her pain!
Aunt Lydia put Jackson to sleep by massaging his head.
Jackson and Mommy


Life as a Mom

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I have to say being a mom is the greatest job in the world!!! I loved teaching these last eight years but now how can I not love investing in the most precious student of all! So Jackson isn’t saying his math facts or reading yet but just experiencing him discover his hands is so exciting. He already knows my voice and I know what his different cries mean. His toothless smile makes my day and melts my heart. So instead of thinking about the career that I gave up I thank God for what I have gained. May God give me everything that I need to be the best wife and mom to Jake and Jackson!
Jackson Loves His Daddy!!!